Welcome to Playful Kitty! Here, Manna, Dexter, and I combine the love of cats with learning and laughter. We’re all about cats, tips, and catnip trips! Our Wednesday feature series, Niptoons (which stars Manna, Dexter, and previously our Angel Cinco), is sure to have you meowing-out-loud. Also, as I research cat health, behavior, and history, I’m sharing my findings with all of you.

Playful Kitty was started on September 3, 2013. One of my inspirations behind choosing to use my blog as an educational tool was my cat, Obi-Wan. Obi was a sweet, energetic kitty that became chronically ill and passed away at the age of 2. He was the first cat I had ever owned and when he started getting sick (non-stop urinary tract issues), no one could give me answers.

After Obi-Wan passed, I did some research and found out that it is possible that his condition could have been helped, simply by switching him to wet food. Now, I like to share what I learn about cats with everyone else not only for enjoyment but also in hopes that they won’t have to go through what I’ve been through.

About Robin

My name is Robin and I am the Metro-Detroit based blogger behind Playful Kitty. I share my life with my husband, Dave, and my two adorable cats, Manna and Dexter. Pets have owned me all of my life (various types). I volunteer with my local animal rescue, A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue, and create their weekly online newsletter called the ARAR RePawter.

Words that my friends would use to describe me include funny, intelligent, and creative. I love to act, sing, and dance! I’m that goofy person that has a song for everything.

My college major was Special Education- Cognitive Impairments. I’ve worked with people with people with Autism, Downs Syndrome, and various other impairments throughout the years. I’ve taught math (my teaching major), social skills, dance, and more!

Christianity is a big part of my life. At my church, I have been an essential leader in the children’s services (which have often had more than 200 children in attendance).

I would love to hear about your cats! Feel free to email me at [email protected].

Read about my pawtners in blogging!

About Manna


Manna's Head Shot


Birthday: June 2007

Gotcha Day: July 2007 (she was 3.5 weeks old)

Nicknames: B (short for banana), the Mini Beast

Manna is all about cattitude! She may be very petite, but she has a huge personality. Of my two kitties, she is the dominant one. Manna’s strongest bond is with my husband, but she loves everyone. When we have guests over, Manna has to inspect everyone and she puts on a show. She wants all eyes on her! Guests don’t mind, they fall in love with her antics right away.

According to Manna, there is never a wrong time to play. She can make anything into a toy! Manna loves her catnip mice and of course, interactive play with humans. If there is some nice, fresh catnip around, Manna is the type of kitty that will start rolling on the ground.


About Dexter
There is a new cat in our family! Keep reading to learn about how we found Dexter, his personality, and what Manna thinks of her little brother.

Dexter in my bed at 8 weeks old.

Birthday: April 16, 2016

Gotcha Day: June 6, 2016

Nicknames: none yet

Dexter is the newest member of our family! Dave and I adopted him from a friend when he was 8 weeks old. In truth, Dexter chose us to be his family, not the other way around. When we went to our friend’s home to choose a kitten from Dexter’s litter, Dexter climbed into our carrier on his own and didn’t want to get out again.

Words that describe Dexter – Energetic, enthusiastic, joyful, confident, affectionate and playful. There is nothing that can stop this little guy! He is full of personality and I can’t wait to see him blossom as he grows up. It is adorable when he gives me “nose boops” (touching his nose to mine).

Right now, everything is a toy for Dexter. His favorites are the ball track and climbing the cat tree. He is also developing a very playful relationship with Manna. Surely, when he gets old enough to appreciate catnip, catnip toys will be a must for him.


About Dave


Dave Standing


Dave is my husband and best friend. We have been married since September 12, 2003. He doesn’t do any of the blogging on Playful Kitty, but he often helps me make choices about my blogging. I don’t know what I would do without him! Sometimes his name will pop up in posts or he may happen to show up on Niptoons with the cats.

What does Dave do? He is a school bus driver for special needs children ages 3 to 26. While I am passionate about people with cognitive impairments, he loves to work with people with emotional impairments. He drives students with both types of impairments.

Dave’s other passion is business. He loves network marketing! Currently, we are distributors for an awesome company called SendOutCards (our distributor link). It is a company that specializes in personalized greeting cards and gifts. Dave also runs a small designated driving company called Designated Dave. He makes sure that both the customer and their car get home safely!


About (Angel) Cinco


CInco's Head Shot


Birthday: January 2006

Passed Away: April 28, 2016

Gotcha Day: April 2006

Nickname: Stinker or Stink

If you’ve searched through Playful Kitty’s posts, you may have seen Cinco. Cinco was with me from the beginning of Playful Kitty until his passing in April 2016. He is forever loved and I’m very honored to have had him in my life.

Cinco was a super shy guy that was very attached to me. Most of the time he could be found sitting on my lap.

If guests came over, Cinco would hide in a flash. Once in a while, he would peek out at guests that have been to our home several times.

Cinco loved to play with larger-sized catnip toys that don’t make any sounds, like his catnip banana. He was a bunny-kicker! He also loved interactive play with wand toys and feathers. Don’t let Cinco’s shy demeanor fool you, he was a very silly, playful guy!