About a month ago, I was give the opportunity to speak on the Streamathon For Pets. What was my topic? Cats in Mythology, of course! It was great to get an opportunity to talk to an audience of pet lovers about a topic that I find so intriguing.

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What is Streamathon For Pets?

Which of the cats in mythology is your favorite? Join me as I journey through history discovering many cats in mythology with the Streamathon For Pets!

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Streamathon For Pets was a 24-hour live show benefitting small pet businesses and pet non-profits. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many pet businesses and rescues have been having a difficult time financially. Streamathon For Pets was created to help ease some of that financial burden so that these businesses can continue operating as businesses are allowed to reopen throughout the United States.

The live show consisted of a variety of speakers who each had a 30 minute or 1-hour time slot. You can see all of the videos that were a part of the streamathon on:

Cats in Mythology

What is covered in the Cats in Mythology Video?

Cats in Mythology is a deep dive into ancient mythology that includes cats. Humans and cats have a long history together – more than 9,000 years! Humans have documented their relationship with cats through the stories they have passed down from generation to generation. It is really amazing to see how different cultures have viewed cats over the years.

First, the video covers some of the history of cat domestication. In many ways, the cats domesticated themselves. Humans began to accept them into their homes as a result of their ability to control the rodent population. Today’s domestic cat is believed to have come from the African Wildcat. Our relationship with the cats seems to have begun on the fertile crescent and moved outward across the globe.

Next, Cats in Mythology moves to the myths about cats according to region. Many of their stories were told. You can read them by clicking the links:

  • Cats in Ancient Egypt
    While there were a few different feline gods in the Egyptian pantheon, Bast was the only one represented by a domestic cat. She was a goddess of fertility and protector of the home, women, and children.
  • Cats in the Ancient Middle East
    Domestic cats are surprisingly missing from the mythology of the Ancient Middle East. However, lions are a very important symbol of power. Lions are pictured with important mythological figures such as the goddess Ishtar and King Gilgamesh.
  • Cats of Ancient Greece (and Ancient Rome)
    Domestic cats are seen a little differently in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome because they traditionally used weasels to cure their rodent problems. Bast from Ancient Egypt becomes Ailuros and takes on traits of the goddess Artemis.
  • Cats of the Celtic Tribes
    The Cait Sidhe or Cait Sith is a mischievous “fairy cat” in Celtic mythology. This mythological cat is the reason we say that cats have nine lives.
  • Cats of the Norse Tribes
    The goddess Freya is the goddess of fertility, cats, War, love, sex, magic, and beauty. She rides on a chariot drawn by two large cats that were given to her by Thor.

Unfortunately, time ran out before I could finish my tour of cats in mythology around the world. Perhaps in the future I will make a video series with shorter videos (and/or a book) covering each of the above and the following cultures’ cats in mythology. The cultures that didn’t make it into the video were:

Do you have a favorite cat from mythology?