In this day and age, the internet has an answer for nearly every question we ask. Looking for some particular information about cats? Questions about your cat’s health, behavior, or even just looking for some kitty-themed entertainment? There are some reputable places to find these answers online. Check out these 25 helpful websites for cat lovers!

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Veterinary Associations

Veterinary associations are a great place to start if you are looking for a veterinarian or wanting to check the qualifications of a veterinarian that you are considering bringing your cat to see. For cat lovers living in the United States, these websites are excellent resources.

1) American Association for Feline Practitioners (AAFP)

The AAFP is an association particularly for veterinarians that specialize in treating cats. If you are looking for a “cats only” clinic in your area, this website could be a great place to begin your search.

2) American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

AAHA is the only animal hospital accreditation association in the United States. Veterinary hospitals are not legally required to join AAHA, but you can be assured that any veterinary hospital stamped with AAHA’s approval is held to very high standards.

3) American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA)

Looking for a holistic or integrative veterinarian for your cat? Check with the AHVMA. They also have an area explaining different holistic medicine treatments (such as acupuncture and nutritional therapy). Scientific studies regarding holistic therapies can be accessed when you purchase a membership.

4) American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

The AVMA is the largest veterinary medical association in the US, boasting more than 93,000 members. This organization includes veterinarians of all disciplines. If you are looking to check on your veterinarian’s credentials, this would be a great website to visit.

Cat Food Information

Looking for some great online resources for cat health, behavior, and entertainment? Check out these 25 helpful websites for cat lovers!

Nutrition is a hot topic for those of us that want the best for our cats. These 4 websites are very helpful websites for cat lovers who want to learn about cat food. It is important to get as much information as you can and make educated choices about what you feed your cats.

5) is a website run by a passionate veterinarian named Lisa A. Pierson. She began researching the feline diet after having some trouble with a rescued cat named Robbie. The conclusion that she has come to from her research and experience as a veterinarian is that dry cat food is not appropriate for cats. Her website teaches about the dietary needs of cats and the foods she does find acceptable.


Feline Nutrition is a website that promotes raw feeding for cats. There are opportunities available through the organization for cat lovers to donate to research and advocate for proper education about the special dietary needs of cats.

7) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – Animal and Veterinary

The FDA governs the laws regarding pet food and drugs as well as those made for humans. Their website has some very helpful articles on those issues as well as a place where you can check for pet food recalls or report bad food or drugs.

8) Pet Food Institute

The pet food institute is an organization created by a group of pet food companies. They have articles regarding how pet food is made and the standards that they require their members to hold.

Cat Health Education

Looking for some great online resources for cat health, behavior, and entertainment? Check out these 25 helpful websites for cat lovers!

Perhaps what you are looking for is some information about a particular medical issue that your cat is having. These helpful websites for cat lover deliver all of the veterinary medical information you could want and more.

Note: If your cat is ill or hurt, please seek veterinary care. No website, no matter how credible, can take the place of the opinion of a real, live veterinarian.

9) International Cat Care

International Cat Care is a non-profit organization helping cats all over the world and providing education to cat lovers.

10) Mercola Pets

Mercola Pets is run by an integrative veterinarian, Karen Becker. Her articles give a lot of great information about cat and dog health that includes holistic treatments. The also sell nutritional supplements for cats and dogs.

11) PetMD

PetMD is the veterinary answer to WebMD for humans. It provides searchable articles about pet health and behavior that have been written or checked by veterinarians.

12) Veterinary at Cornell University

Cornell University is home to a very prestigious veterinary college. Their website has a section for cat lovers that explains many medical issues that cats face.

Current Scientific Research

We live in an exciting time! Scientists are learning more and more about cats’ health needs and preventing life-threatening illnesses. If you want to keep up with the latest developments, these 3 websites are “must follow”.

13) Human-Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI)

HABRI is a non-profit organization that studies the human-animal bond. Their studies show how our interactions with our pets can benefit both us and the animals we love.

14) Morris Animal Foundation

The Morris Animal Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds research into veterinary medical issues. Studies about any kind of animal can be found through their website. Lately, they have been spearheading some research that is trying to create a vaccine against FIP, a deadly illness that kills many kittens.

15) Winn Feline Foundation

The Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit organization that specializes in scientific research regarding feline health issues. One of their most famous studies, a study about taurine levels in the feline diet, changed the way cat food manufacturers make cat food forever.

Cat Adoption and Humane Services


Looking for some great online resources for cat health, behavior, and entertainment? Check out these 25 helpful websites for cat lovers!

Animal rescue is awesome! If you are looking for information on adoptable cats, low-cost veterinary services, or helping community cats, these websites are for you.

16) Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies is a non-profit organization that specializes in helping stray or feral cats. They provide information, resources, and community for those who would like to help with Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) efforts or general care of community cats.


The ASPCA is one of the most widespread humane organizations in the United States. They have pet adoption services, low-cost veterinary services, a comprehensive Pet Poison Control center, and they serve as legal authorities in cases of animal abuse and neglect in some areas.

18) Humane Society

The Humane Society is the oldest humane organization in the United States. Like the ASPCA, they offer low-cost veterinary services, pet adoption services, and are the authority on animal abuse and neglect in some areas of the US.

19) Pet Finder

Looking for a forever pet? Petfinder allows animal rescues to place profiles for their adoptable animals on their website. You can search for your new feline friend by age, breed, location, and more.

Other Helpful Websites for Cat Lovers

These additions to the list don’t fit in the other categories, but they are still helpful websites for cat lovers.

20) Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)

The ADLF is an organization that uses the legal system to promote animal causes. Their website has education about animal legal issues, resources regarding companion animal (“what to do if….”), and opportunities for activism.

21) Cat Blogosphere

Love cat blogs? The Cat Blogosphere is a great place to check out all of the latest and greatest in the cat blogging world.

22) Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA)

The CFA is an organization that certifies breeders of purebred cats and holds cat shows. Their website is a place where you can check on the status of a registered breeder or learn about various cat breeds.

23) Cat Writer’s Association (CWA)

If you enjoy cat-themed books, check out the CWA. You can find information about the latest in the world of cat books and cat writers.

24) Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC)

PIJAC is an organization that promotes responsible pet ownership and environmental stewardship for pet owners. Their website has some great educational resources on these issues.

25) The International Cat Association (TICA)

TICA is a cat fancier’s organization much like the CFA. They regularly hold cat shows, certify pedigreed cat breeders, and have information on various cat breeds.

Looking for some great online resources for cat health, behavior, and entertainment? Check out these 25 helpful websites for cat lovers!

What websites do you find most helpful as a cat owner?