Can you believe it is that time of year again? Christmas will be here before we know it. Time to get busy shopping for all of your favorite cats and cat lovers! To help you get started, Manna, Dexter, and I have compiled this Christmas Gift Guide with many of our favorite cat-related items. Let’s jump in!

Christmas Gift Guide for the Cat

Sleepypod Pet Travel Products

Sleepypod has a variety of travel products for cats and dogs. Manna and Dexter got to try out the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed (medium) on our road trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina back in May. You can see our reviews here and here. We love that all of Sleepypod’s pet carriers are crash tested!

Dezi & Roo Cat Products

Dezi & Roo’s high-quality cat toys are designed by a veterinarian to encourage your cat’s hunting skills. Playful kitties are healthy kitties! Manna and Dexter absolutely loved these cat toys. See our reviews for the Wiggly Balls, Hide and Sneak cat tunnel, and Cloud 9 Silvervine.

Sauder Cat Furniture

Did you know that Sauder makes a line of cat furniture? We found out back in May when we won an adorable cat toy cabinet from the Cat Lounge at the BlogPaws Conference. Their cat furniture is affordable, stylish, and designed with cats in mind! We haven’t reviewed this yet, but you can see it featured in many of our Niptoons. It doubles as our television stand.

Yeowww Catnip Toys

There are few things that Manna and Dexter love more than catnip toys! Yeowww makes some of the most intoxicating catnip toys that I’ve found. The catnip banana is always a big hit! It appears in our Niptoons regularly.

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box

PetSafe is a leader in innovative pet products that help keep pets healthy and happy. This summer, we reviewed the PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box. As the one who tends our litter boxes, my husband insisted that it be added to our Christmas Gift Guide! The disposable litter trays are lightweight and they only take about a minute to change. Manna and Dexter like that the litter box is scooped clean every time they use it.

BestPet 3 Wheel Cat Stroller

More and more cat owners are walking their cats! Why not? Cats enjoy getting some fresh air too. A pet stroller is a great way to take your cat out and about with you and still allow them the comfort of an enclosure. They are great if your cat likes to go with you, but doesn’t like walking on a leash! Manna and Dexter enjoy a good walk around our neighborhood. We have not reviewed this product, but this is the stroller we use and you can see images of us using it at the BlogPaws Conference here.

DaBird Feather Wand Cat Toy

Manna and Dexter LOVE feather toys! There is something irresistible about a good feather. Last Christmas we received one of these DaBird feather wand cat toys and it has been great. I love that it is so easy to find replacement feathers for these wands. Dexter destroys everything as fast as I can get it home! We haven’t reviewed this product, but you can see it in action here.

Christmas Gift Guide for the Cat Lover

Don’t forget your favorite cat lover this Christmas! This year’s Christmas Gift Guide selections for the cat lover are from our affiliate partner, Triple T Studios. Triple T Studios not only makes high-quality, stylish cat-themed fashion items, but they help big cats in their fight for survival. These products are so great that they don’t need a lot of explanation. Click on any image to see a larger version. Photos are courtesy of Triple T Studios.

Winter Wearables

Gray Wool Cat Gloves


Sweet Annie Cat Gloves


Cat Gloves for Young Girls


Cat Hats


Purses and Bags

Big Cat Tote Vanishing Species (Pre-Order)


Cat Paw Lace Tote


Cat Walk Tote


Kitten Tote


Cat-Themed Jewelry

Cat Tail Ring


Sterling Silver OR

14K Gold Plated

Feline Philosophy Bracelet


Stainless Steel

Crystal Cat Earrings


Sterling Silver Posts

Clear OR Purple

Cat Chain Necklace


24″ Length

Silver Plated, 18K Gold Plated, OR

Rose Gold

More Pawsome Wearables

Irish Proverb Cat T-Shirt


Cat’s Meow Striped Socks


Cat Crew Socks


Fun Cat Lovers’ Extras

Cat Phone Ring Kickstands


Cat Night Light


Purrrfect Cat Nap Pillowcase


Custom Pet Portraits & Web Graphics

What Christmas Gift Guide would be complete without something customizable? Memorialize your favorite pet with a unique, hand-drawn or digital portrait from Aurora Images! Aurora Images is the new graphic art and custom print business of my longtime friend Heidi Krause. See her art portfolio here.

Your pet can be drawn just as they are or creatively embellished to suit their personality. Also available are web graphics for blogs or social media and customized print products (business cards, signs, t-shirts, etc). Pricing depends on the project!

Ask about Christmas deals!

To get a quote for your pet portrait, web graphics, or print products call Dave at 586-741-1464 or use the contact form below.

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Which is your favorite gift idea from our Christmas Gift Guide?