How has adopting a cat changed your life? Each cat that I’ve adopted has been a unique blessing. Last year, I wrote a touching story about how my cat, Cinco, had saved me as much as I had saved him. This year in participating with the Remember Me Thursday® campaign, I want to show you how adopting a cat can be a blessing to you!

How to participate in Remember Me Thursday®

Adopting a cat is not only a blessing to the cat, but to you as well! Keep reading to celebrate Remember Me Thursday with us.

Have you helped a kitty to find a forever home? Image courtesy of Remember Me Thursday.

Remember Me Thursday® is a worldwide campaign by the Helen Woodward Animal Center to bring attention to the importance of adopting pets. You can participate with pet lovers all across the globe! Visit the Remember Me Thursday website to learn more about these opportunities:

  • Pet Photo Contest
    Posting a photo of your pet on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #RememberMeThursday AND #RememberTheRescue could win some money for your favorite animal shelter or rescue!
  • Local Remember Me Thursday Events
    Want to participate in person? See if there is an event in your area.
  • Light a Candle
    Unfortunately, many homeless pets pass away before finding a forever home. Light a candle in real life or digitally to bring awareness to these pets. There is an online gallery here.

Reason #1: You are the chosen one.

Adopting a cat is not only a blessing to the cat, but to you as well! Keep reading to celebrate Remember Me Thursday with us.

Dexter sound asleep in my lap.

When you visit an animal shelter or an animal rescue, there are usually a lot of cats to visit. It can take some time to figure out which cat is the one that is a perfect fit for your family. Shelters and rescues allow you to visit with the cats and see how their personalities blend with yours.

Cats are unabashedly honest creatures. If they don’t like you, they will make that clear from the moment you meet each other. Granted, cats can be shy upon first meeting a new person, they also have ways of making it clear which people they love.

Adopting a cat allows the cat to choose you as much as you have chosen them. If a cat is affectionate to you, it is because they have chosen you. You can begin your relationship with a rescued cat knowing that they want to be a part of your life. It’s not the luck of genetics that their life has become entwined with yours, it is a choice that they have made. They think that you are special and important. Finding that kind of love (even in other humans) is difficult!

Reason #2: You’ll reap a harvest of love and joy.

Adopting a cat is not only a blessing to the cat, but to you as well! Keep reading to celebrate Remember Me Thursday with us.

Manna (right) and Dexter cuddling on the couch.

From a young age, I was taught that people “reap what they sow”. Whatever you plant in the ground is what will grow there (and often grow many times what was planted). It is both a blessing and a curse depending on the actions you choose to carry out in your life. It’s a similar philosophy to that of Karma.

Adopting a cat gives you an opportunity to plant the seeds of love and joy in your life. It can take some time, but a rescued cat rarely fails to return the love that is given to them. You may have a cat that is very affectionate or a cat that moves you to tears of joy by finally purring for you one day. Either way, there is no greater feeling!

Reason #3: You are a real-life hero when adopting a cat.

My cats were stars at the BlogPaws 2017 Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Keep reading to see what we did and what we learned!

BatCat (Dexter) giving me a hug.

American culture is flooded with superheroes. I admit that I am a superhero nerd girl. However, it is pretty striking that for all of the superheroes that exist, the only real superpower they have is that which rescues people from boredom for a couple of hours.

You can actually save a life. Without wearing a cape (or spandex) you can save a cat from being euthanized just for existing. Overcrowding in animal shelters limits the resources that shelters can provide for each cat. Some shelters will choose to make room for incoming cats by euthanizing perfectly healthy cats because they have not been adopted within a certain time frame. It is a very difficult reality.

By adopting a cat, you are swooping in and saving the day for 2 cats! The cat you’ve adopted will now have a forever home and the shelter or rescue will have room for another homeless cat. You can be real life superhero! You are saving lives from peril in real life.

Reason #4: You’ll learn valuable life lessons from your cat.

Adopting a cat is not only a blessing to the cat, but to you as well! Keep reading to celebrate Remember Me Thursday with us.

Manna being joyful without any hesitation.

There is a reason why cats found in folklore are often seen as wise and mysterious. Somehow, cats have learned a lot of things that humans have yet to figure out. They have great self-esteem, they know how to relax, and they never wonder if they are valuable. Cats don’t have a problem saying “no” or taking hold of great opportunities.

Adopting a cat is not only a blessing to the cat, but to you as well! Keep reading to celebrate Remember Me Thursday with us.

Dexter and I sharing a hug!

Adopting a cat can change the way you look at your life. In the beginning, adopting a cat can teach us to open our hearts. Love can make us blossom. In the end, we learn to be thankful for all that we have and compassionate towards others. Our petals may fall to the ground, but they will always retain the sweet scent they had while they were in full bloom.

Reason #5: You’ll laugh like you’ve never laughed before.

Cats are funny and they know it. Adopting a cat gives you a lifetime of laugh-out-loud moments. Cats will do things you had no idea that a cat could do just to get your attention. I’ve shown off a ton of my cats’ funny moments in our Funny Cat Pictures and Niptoons categories, but here are a few of my favorite funny cat memories:

  • Obi-Wan, my first cat, once got into a cabinet in the bathroom and got himself wedged into a pantyliner box. He then proceeded to push that pantyliner box out into the living room with his head still inside. Thanks, Obi!
  • Cinco used to get jealous when my husband would put his arm around me. When he saw that, he would try to wedge himself between my husband and me.
  • When Manna was a very young kitten, she pooped down my sister’s cleavage. It was runny kitten poop. Very gross, but considering no harm was done, also very funny.
  • Dexter was very excited for his first Christmas. He received a catnip banana as a part of a gift in a cat blogger gift exchange. With everyone watching, he grabbed that banana and rolled around on the floor with it until he couldn’t anymore. He fell asleep right where he was with his prized banana and didn’t wake up for hours.

How does your rescued cat (or other pet) make you feel blessed?