Paws Up for Warmer Weather

Can you believe that spring is almost here? After a long winter, the extra sunshine will be a welcome change. Manna and Dexter are looking forward to napping in the sun puddles on our balcony. I’m sure that watching the ducks and geese return to the lake below will be fun for the cats too.

As with every changing season, spring holds some potential dangers for cats. Preparation for these problems can help you to have a more worry-free spring and spend less money at the veterinarian’s office. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your kitties:

  • Lilies are toxic to cats!
    Flowers might be a staple of celebrating the coming of spring and Easter, but you might want to skip on the lilies. Just a few petals from a lily plant can cause kidney failure in a cat. You may want to check the ASPCA’s detailed list of plants that are toxic to cats before allowing your cat access to any new plant. Call your veterinarian immediately if you suspect your cat has gotten into something poisonous. The ASPCA’s Pet Poison Hotline is 888-426-4435 and there is a $65 charge per call.
  • Spay or Neuter Your Cat
    With spring comes kitten season. Very soon, shelters and rescues will be overrun with kittens and mother cats. You can help make sure that your cats don’t add to this burden by getting them spayed or neutered. A female cat can have about 3 litters per year with 4-6 kittens per litter. That’s a lot of extra cats!
  • Prevent Parasites
    Any cat that has exposure to the outdoors has the potential to become the host of a parasite. Talk to your veterinarian about an appropriate parasite preventative for your cat. Preventatives are available for fleas, ticks, and heartworm (carried by mosquitoes). These are much easier (and cheaper) to prevent than to cure!

Title Photo Credit: panli54 via Flickr

Want to Compete?

I finished the word search in 3 minute and 18 seconds. Can you do it faster? ProProfs (the service I use for the word searches) says that they will be fixing the scoring very soon. Currently, you are receiving points per word that you find rather than by how quickly you find them. That is why everyone always gets the same score.

Instructions for the Interactive Word Search

(Click here if you can’t see the word search below)

  • Words from the word list on the right are hidden within the puzzle. The words may be spelled forward, backward, or on a diagonal.
  • Click on the first letter of the word, drag the cursor across the word and click on the last letter of the word.
  • The puzzle is finished once you have found all of the words.

How do you prepare your cat for spring?