Feline Beauty and Beyond!

Cats are amazing and mysterious. For thousands of years, the unique characteristics of cats have captured the imaginations of human beings the world over. Cats are different than people in a lot of ways – and different than dogs too. It has taken a very long time to get to where we are in understanding the feline creature.

One of the most well-known pioneers in research cats as a unique species was a man named Harrison Weir. Weir was an animal lover who lived during the Victorian era. It was Weir that organized the first meetings of the British Cat Fancy and helped to promote cats as house pets in the western world.

Harrison Weir wrote a book called Cats and All About Them. In this book, Weir divulges all that he has learned about cats as a unique creature while participating in the cat fancy. He seems both amazed and surprised at his discoveries. Weir discovered that cats are:

  • Beautiful
    Treating a cat well made a big difference in how beautiful the cat looked. Weir noted that street cats were not beautiful like show cats because they were ill-treated and malnourished – an argument that would lead him to advocate for better care for cats.
  • Different
    Weir was amazed at the different sizes and looks of cats that came to cat fancy. There were definite differences between breeds.
  • Affectionate
    He noticed that cats tended to choose certain individuals that they would lavish their affection upon. Cats may be particular about who would get their affection, but they wouldn’t hold back when they chose someone.
  • Individuals
    Cats all have different personalities. Weir noticed that the cats in his life all enjoyed being petted on different parts of their bodies.
  • Jealous of each other
    Weir felt that his cats would show signs of jealousy when he gave attention to one of them. If he petted Zilla, then Lulu would give Weir the cold shoulder. He also noted that some cats were not as jealous as others.
  • Useful
    A hungry kitty is the best solution to any rodent problem!
  • Intelligent
    Weir’s cats caught on to the times and days he would come home with treats for them. They met him at the door on days when treats would be available and would be absent when there were no treats.
  • Responsive
    Cats know when they are being mistreated and they won’t stand for it. A dog may cower, but a cat will scratch!

Title Image Credit: Beverly via Flickr

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Instructions for the Interactive Word Search

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What has your cat taught you about cats?