As stressful as they can be, the holidays come with a lot of humor around here. Having two hilarious cats helps! They have a way of viewing the world that is very unique. For Manna and Dexter, everything is worth being curious about. Almost everything is exciting too.

One of our guests, who was bringing the table for dinner, ran late. We had a couple of minutes while we were waiting for him to arrive, so I took a few portrait style photos of Manna and Dexter. They were sitting on the chairs in the living room taking everything in. The natural lighting was beautiful. I took a few photos of Dexter first and then I turned to Manna. This is what I got on the first shot.

Manna noticing that she forgot to shave her legs.

It wasn’t long until the table arrived. Manna and Dexter fell in love with the table cloths I put on the table. It was like we set up their very own kitty fort in the middle of the living room. They played and played and played. It was fun to watch! I’m not exactly sure what the rules to the game were, but I think Manna won.

Manna biting Dexter as he looks under the table cloth.

Finally, I got the funniest cat picture of the year. The timing was just perfect. I was actually just trying to get an artsy shot of my fancy antique crystal glass filled with sparkling grape juice, but I got something even better. Just as a pressed the shutter on my camera, Manna’s head popped up just above the table. I took a few more shots as she inspected the table for ham. None of the other shots captured the facial expression this one did, though.

How would you caption the last photo of Manna?

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