The wonder of Christmas is just beginning! All of our Christmas decorations are finally out of their storage containers. This year is special because it is my kitten, Dexter’s, very first Christmas. We’ve taken a lot of photos already and I want to share them with all of you so you can celebrate with us!

First Christmas, First Everything!

Dexter laying in the Christmas castle.

Since he has gotten so big, it can be hard to remember that Dexter is only 8 months old. He was just born in April 2016. That means that he is experiencing everything for the first time. Even his first breath took place this year.

Christmas is a very festive holiday in our home. It is the only holiday we have decorations for, and therefore, the only holiday our cats would really notice. Decorating can be tough when you are in a small apartment!

Dexter’s first Christmas season has been eventful. He hasn’t seen everything yet, but he soon will. So far he has been introduced to the Christmas tree, I’ve sung him many Christmas carols, he’s met family members, and he and Manna got a fun Christmas scratching box. Dexter is just amazed at every new thing! Still yet to come – wrapping/opening presents and snow (weird that we haven’t had that yet).

A Christmas Lullaby

Just one cute first Christmas story before the photos! Dexter likes to be held like a baby when he’s tired. He will maneuver himself so that he is laying in my arms belly up. He did this the other day and I started to sing him Christmas carols as he nodded off.

I started singing We Three Kings. After 2 verses I couldn’t remember any more lyrics. At that point I paused to think. Dexter’s eyes opened just a little and he reached up toward my face. He gently tapped at my lips with his cute little paw! It was like he was saying “don’t stop singing to me.” I started at the beginning of the song again and he drifted back to sleep.

12 Pawsome Christmas Moments

#1 Dexter noticing his first Christmas ornaments.

#2 If he fits, he sits.

#3 Time to play at the new Christmas castle! Manna is on the left and Dexter is on the right.

#4 Dexter letting Santa’s elves know what he wants for Christmas.

#5 Dexter says “Hey, look! There are shinny things over here too!”

#6 Manna takes over the Christmas castle.

#7 A favorite ornament is found! Dexter loves the doggy.

#8 Dexter (top) can’t help himself. It was just too tempting to bop Manna’s head.

#9 “Who does this guy think he is?” – Dexter

#10 “What is with all of these Christmas cows?” – Dexter

#11 A great big kitten smile. Dexter is loving his first Christmas so far!

#12 Dexter falling asleep under the glow of the Christmas tree.


Christmas Moments in Action

I was lucky enough to catch Manna and Dexter on video in a few of these fun moments. They are such silly kitties! Click here to view the video on Youtube.

Have your cats had any special Christmas moments yet this year?