Oh, to be a cat! Cats (especially the ones that have found their forever homes) have a great life. Their humans take care of all of their needs – food, water, shelter, social interaction, medical care, etc.  As pets become more and more like little furry children in our society, their worries become less and less.

My cats are spoiled! I adopted Manna at 3.5 weeks old and Dexter at 8 weeks old. They have known what it is to be loved almost all their lives. I doubt they remember anything about being homeless! Now they have full bellies, tons of toys, and a family.

Another thing that makes life great for cats is their joyful spirit. Maybe I can’t speak for all cats, but my cats find joy in almost everything in life. They are simple. Humans could learn a lot from cats! Sometimes I think that all that extra brain power we’ve received works against us. It is easy to overcomplicate life and not see the beauty in front of us.

This is the week we finally get our Christmas tree up. It will be the first time Dexter has experienced a Christmas tree (he was born in April 2016). I expect it will be a ton of fun to see him take it all in. Watch for a blog post all about his adventure into Christmas time with lots of photos! It should be out on Thursday.

Until then, I have a funny photo of Dexter playing with his rainbow toy. It is one of his favorites! Admittedly, he has a lot of favorites. Sometimes, you just click the capture button on the camera just at the right time. He says “it almost got away from me, but I caught it!”

Do your cats have any good Christmas time tips for Dexter?

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