Dexter is still 100% kitten and he is very unique. He is unlike any kitty that I’ve had the pleasure of living with. This kitten is rough on cat toys. I’ve never known a cat that goes through their toys so quickly. Manna loves to play, but we’ve had some of her toys for years and they are doing fine. Dexter, on the other hand, destroys his toys (and boxes) as quickly as he can manage.

This week for our Niptoons photo shoot, I decided to dig deep into the cats’ toy box. There had to be something in there that hadn’t been played with in a while. Manna and Dexter have a few toys that they tend to choose every week. Most of these favorites are falling apart as a result of a certain kitten playing with them. Time to get new feather toys!

What did I find? A bunch of plastic strips that have always been one of Manna’s favorites. These plastic strips are from the top of resealable pepperoni bags (my husband loves pepperoni). The are a very stiff sort of plastic and about 6 inches long. When they are thrown in the air, they flip and bend in some really fun ways.

Dexter had never really played with these plastic strips before. It turns out that he loves them as much as Manna does! They will both run, jump, and catch the strips in mid-air. I’ve also found that they like when I throw them into a box and they can chase them inside the box.

I may have found a winner in these plastic strips! Dexter had all kinds of fun, but wasn’t able to do much damage to them. He made some great faces while he was figuring out what to do with these strips too. Perhaps he was attempting to intimidate his new toys with his fangs!

Does your cat destroy cat toys?

Tis’ the Season for Cat Toys

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