Trick or Treat! Everyone is ready for their Halloween goodies, including Manna and Dexter. These two won’t be getting any candy, but there are a bunch of cat treats in the pantry! We’ll have some fun with toys on Halloween night too. The cats may not get to experience Halloween the same way we do, but it is fun to include them in the excitement.

For Dexter and Manna, a few Halloween treats came early. We received a meowbox that was quite a hit! All of the treats and toys were explored and enjoyed right away. The surprise in all of this was that Dexter got his first catnip high! He has never reacted to catnip before. It was absolutely adorable! As soon as I opened the box, he began rolling around joyfully in it.

Manna wasn’t sure what to think of Dexter reacting to catnip. At first, she seemed confused by his behavior and then the catnip got to her. She got really silly too. They got in this lazy wrestling match (no hissing or claws) where they took little love nips at each other and rolled around. That ended up looking something like this:


That’s right, the catnip was very much in effect before any of the contents of the box was removed. If you are wondering, Manna is on the top of the photo and Dexter is on the bottom. It can be hard to tell the difference at this angle.

How did it all end? Well, Manna decided to raid the little garbage can that I had been putting the toys’ packaging in and Dexter inspected the box. Doesn’t ever cat love boxes? All of that catnip must have tricked him because he was pretty sure that the box itself was a treat! I don’t think he could fit any more of it into his mouth at one time.


Do your cats like to chew boxes?