There is a first time for everything! Having only been born this past April (2016), Dexter is experiencing a whole lot of firsts. It has been a LONG time since we’ve had such a youngster in our home. It can be easy to forget that our quickly growing little boy has not experienced so many things.

This is Dexter’s first holiday season! In my terminology, “the holiday season” includes all of the time between the October 1 and January 1. My 2 favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. I’m working to give Dexter as much of a fun holiday experience as I can.

What do I have planned for Dexter for his first Halloween? I’d like to introduce him to some of the Halloween favorites – a real pumpkin, scary movie nights, a few fun decorations, treats, and maybe even attempt a simple costume with him. Unfortunately, our apartment complex doesn’t allow trick-or-treating or outdoor decorations (like jack-o-lanterns). We are starting out our family scary movie weekends with Stephen King’s It followed by what promises to be an equally terrifying presidential debate. I suspect that he will follow Manna’s lead in sleeping in our laps and attempting to steal our popcorn.

Manna has always enjoyed the holidays. Back when we had a house, she would help us hand out candy to the hundreds of trick-or-treaters that would stop by every year. She was so excited to see everyone, that we would bring her outside on her leash so that she wouldn’t dash out the door every time we opened it. She didn’t run away, she would just go and sniff all of the kids. Almost everyone loved getting to see her and she loved the attention. She would never let me dress her up, though.

Dexter is not so sure about this Halloween thing so far. He’s just going to have to experience it to believe it. I tried to use the rainbow toy to help him understand what a mummy is the other day and he gave me the following look. MOL!

What do you think Dexter needs to know about his first Halloween?