More than 1 Side to Every Story

Cats aren’t always scary in Halloween stories. Much of the legend around cats being scary comes from medieval lore that associates cats with witches. It was believed that cats would do the evil bidding of witches or even that witches could turn themselves into cats. However, there is  another side of the mythology surrounding witches, cats, and magic.

In ancient days, witches were considered to be not only scary but mysterious and wise. People would cautiously seek out witches for healing and advice. As cats began being associated with witches, this ancient, mysterious wisdom was passed on to cats in mythology.

Today, storytellers are starting to return to the idea that cats are connoisseurs of wisdom. Perhaps there is something that they see in this world that humans just can’t see. Modern Halloween movies (particularly those geared toward children) embrace the mystery rather than the evil. Here are 3 pawsome examples (click on the links to see a clip of the movie):

  1. The Cat from Coraline
    This kitty may not have a name, but he plays an important role in Coraline’s story. Much like in ancient lore, The Cat is able to transcend worlds. In “the real world”, he is just a stray cat that seems to like Coraline’s new home. However, in the “other world”, The Cat is able to speak and uses this ability to warn Coraline of the dangers that are before her.
  2. Mr. Whiskers from Frankenweenie
    Mr. Whiskers is a psychic kitty. According to his owner, Weird Girl, he has dreams about people in town before something big happens to them. He reveals his visions through cat poop formations that resemble a person’s initials.
  3. Zachary Binx from Hocus Pocus
    Once a human boy, Zachary Binx is a talking black cat that hopes to destroy the witches that turned him into a cat. His wisdom guides a trio of human children out of danger and helps them to save their town.

Title Photo Credit: Kenneth Hagemeyer via Flickr

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