Dexter is growing up so fast! It is amazing how quickly he has gone from an itty bitty kitten to being about the same size as Manna. Granted, Manna is a fairly petite cat (she is only 8 lbs). Dexter will be 6 months old this month and if he keeps growing at this rate, he will be a big kitty like Cinco was! I have heard from our friend Joan (who adopted all of Dexter’s siblings and mother) that his brothers are growing like weeds too.

I have to give Manna a lot of credit. She has done a great job helping me raise Dexter so far. Almost from day 1, she decided to take him under her wing paw. I love to see her play with him and groom him. The other day I even saw her snuggle up to him while he was sleeping! I couldn’t have felt any more proud. Manna has made it through the difficulty of losing Cinco and the transition of having a new cat in our family. She seems to be getting happier again day by day. Her strength and persistence inspire me.

When I watch Dexter play, I can see all of Manna’s training is paying off! He does all of the same silly, dramatic things that she has always done. Manna is a very smart cat and I think Dexter is going to be just as smart if not more so. Nothing will be safe from cats in my home!

I pulled out yet another new peacock feather this week for Niptoons and the cats couldn’t have been any more pleased. Manna couldn’t control herself. As much as she likes to sit back and let Dexter play before taking her turn, she jumped right in. She pounced on the feather and then began rolling around with it. Dexter decided to copy her rolling when it was his turn. He laid right down on his back and said “bring on the feather!” I can only see these antics getting sillier if/when Dexter begins to like catnip!


Does your cat like to roll around with toys?