Bring on the feather toys! This week, my cats were very clear with me about what they wanted to play with during our Niptoons photo shoot. Manna wanted to play chase with Dexter. Dexter wanted the Wiggly Ball and one of the wand toys that had feathers attached to it. Both got their wishes!

Manna has a funny way of communicating with Dexter. She would sneak slowly into the living room while I was playing with Dexter, stare at him and then take off running. He knew exactly what she was saying because he would drop everything and run full speed after her. It appeared that they were having a blast with this game!

As for the toys, almost as soon as I pulled out the camera, Dexter headed over to the toy box. He dug around and pulled out a feather toy. Of course, he didn’t wait for me to get started. He started tossing around the feathers while standing in the toy box. That silly kitty didn’t want to stop playing long enough for me to attach the feathers to the wand part of the toy!

It turns out that I was wrong. I started waving the feathers around in the middle of the room, but Dexter promptly caught them and carried them in his mouth over to the cat tree (dragging me with him). It was his was of saying, “no Mommy! I want to chase the feathers up here.” He had a similar way of showing me how he wanted to play with the Wiggly Ball. He would put it on the cat tree and then go and paw around inside his hidey hole at the top. How could I say no to a face like this one?


Do your cats teach you how they want to play?