The peacock feathers are back! A couple of weeks ago I had stopped by our neighborhood locally owned pet store and mentioned to the clerk that Manna really missed the peacock feathers we used to be able to buy there. About a week later they called me and told me they got in a big shipment of peacock feathers. I made a special trip just to pick a few up.

Dexter had never really seen peacock feathers before. Some of his faces were pretty funny. We had a very small peacock feather (about a foot long) around the time we adopted him, but the new ones are nice and long. He wasn’t sure what to do with them at first, but he knew they were fun. Today you get two funny cat pictures so keep scrolling! Here’s Dexter trying to figure out what to do with a peacock feather (which is just outside the frame of the photo):


Manna, on the other hand, had no doubt that peacock feathers are fun. Almost as soon as I came in the door with them, she was showing Dexter that she is still the queen kitty around here. She attacked those feathers like a pro! No feather was going to just come into her home without a thorough beating.

Dexter watched Manna’s every move. It is so funny to watch him learning! You can see those little gears turning in this head. He is going to be one smart cat.

It felt really good to watch Manna play with such excitement. She hasn’t wanted to play with me or Dave very much since Cinco passed away. I think Dexter really wears her out (not to mention he attacks her every time she tries to play without him). Lately, however, she has been making small moves toward her former amount of interaction with us.

When Manna attacks a feather, she really goes for it. She will make funny faces, roll on the ground, and even yell at the feather. Her attacks happen so fast that it is hard to capture them! In the photo below, I decided to tickle her nose with the feather after she had started rolling around on the ground.


Do your cats have a toy that makes them this crazy?