If a cat likes something, everyone knows it! Cats are not the type of creature to hold back any feelings of joy. As a cat owner, it feels amazing to know that I’ve found something that really makes my cat happy. I really feel like I’ve done something right when one of my cats shows delight in something I’ve done or something I’ve given them.

Cinco’s expressions were quite different from Manna’s. He was always very reserved and took some time deciding whether he like something or not. New things could sit in our home for a couple of weeks before Cinco would choose to check them out. Manna decides right away. If something new enters our home, Manna feels that she needs to be the first to inspect it – even if it isn’t a cat thing. Speaking of which, if it is not a cat thing entering our home, Manna gives us a look letting us know that it is not appreciated. Everything should be a cat thing.

Dexter is a lot more like Manna. This little guy is still very much a kitten. He has no fear of anything and he is super smart. I fear that I will need to find a way to lock my cupboards when he gets a little bigger. He has already figured out how to work with Manna to open the pantry in the hallway (which is where we keep the cat treats). I have found him up on the top shelf in there!  He will knock down anything that is in a bag and he and Manna will paw their way into the bags. They figured out how to open the butter dish on the counter too.

Kitty mischief aside, Dexter is a fun cat. I enjoy having interactive play time with him. He is already figuring out ways to outsmart me. I guess I need new tactics. He can jump really high in the air! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to capture this well in a photo. I just get photos of a flying butt. However, I did get this great photo below. I’m not sure whether it was more of a victory for him or for me.

Victory - Dexter

Do your cats inspect new things right away or wait a while first?