Manna has had the patience of a saint with Dexter. I think that even though she is a spayed kitty, she has a few motherly instincts. At first, I was really nervous about how Manna would feel about Dexter. It is really hard to tell what a cat that has been established in a household will think of a newcomer. However, it only took about a week for Manna to begin to accept Dexter as a part of her world. My heart jumped for joy the first time I found him cuddled up to her without any objection.

Kitten wrangling isn’t always easy. Sure, kittens are adorable, but they also come with an unbelievable amount energy. They start out being pretty dependent on their humans and other cats in the home. Dexter has only in the past 2 or 3 weeks been coming to the point where he can entertain himself for a while. Manna really appreciates that!

What has been so amazing about Manna’s treatment of Dexter? She is super gentle with him no matter how much he annoys her. It amazes me, but she will even let him eat off of the same plate with her! I give them both identical plate, but he often chooses to eat off of her plate with her and then they move to his plate. She has never hissed at him for is or even whapped him.

Ultimately, there is a limit to every kitty’s patience. Manna has never hurt Dexter, but she sets firm boundaries. Sometimes, he wants to play long beyond what she wants to play. She has a lot of energy for a 9-year-old cat, but he still has more. When she has had enough, she will hold him in place. It is too funny! I have seen her sit on him until he falls asleep. In today’s funny cat picture, Manna is demonstrating the one-pawed kitten deterrent procedure. No claws, just keeping him at arm’s length.

Ummm No - Manna and Dexter

Would your cat put up with a kitten’s behavior?