It is a good thing that Manna has no shame when it comes to photos. She has allowed me to take some of her doing just about everything. Manna has never been shy about anything! I do have to admit that she (and Cinco) has never been a fan of me taking photos of her in the litter box. I guess I can’t blame her. It is nice to have some privacy in life.

Since Dexter has come into our family, Manna has been allowing him to take all of the embarrassing photos. Why not? Isn’t that what little brofurs are for? I think that she finds it to be quite a relief that I am playing with him for a while and giving her a  break. Dexter is an unstoppable ball of energy! We all take turns doing what we can to keep him entertained and out of trouble.

This week, Manna decided that she was going to play a bit on camera for me. She was tired, but she loved that she got to choose a few toys out of our catnip toy marinator.  One action that I always love to photograph is yawning. Maybe I’m a goofball, but I think yawn photos are funny. If you don’t hit the trigger button at just the right time (which is almost a matter of luck), a yawn looks very awkward. The face is contorted and the eyes are often oddly focused. Don’t believe me? Just ask Manna. MOL

Awkward Yawn - Manna

Do you like kitty yawn photos?

It is almost over!

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