Watching Dexter as he grows up is amazing! I feel very blessed to have been able to get him as a kitten. Kittens aren’t for everyone (they are a lot of work), but I have a great fondness for them. All of that energy brings a lot of unforgettable and very funny moments.

Dexter loves Manna to pieces. He follows her everywhere and tries to do everything that she does. Manna loves him but feels a bit overwhelmed by his constant need for attention. Their relationship reminds me of the characters Buddy the Elf  (Will Ferrell) and Walter (James Cann) from the movie Elf. Dexter always thinks everything is wonderful all the time. He is affectionate and playful. Manna is playful, but she is the queen kitty and she will only play by her rules (which he clearly does not understand yet).

This week’s funny cat photo shows what Manna sees when Dexter gets the zoomies. She is not sure how their relationship reminds me so much of the movie Elf when all she can see is Gremlins. Don’t let her fool you, it was Manna and Dexter working together that stole a bag of treats from the pantry, ripped it open, and had a snack after midnight. It was a package of meat sticks.

Kitty Gremilin - Dexter

What do you think – just the zoomies or total gremlin mode?