Someone call Catnip Annonymous, it is time for an intervention! There is a good reason that I decided to change Playful Kitty’s tagline to “Cats, Tips, and Catnip Trips”. Manna just can’t get enough when it comes to catnip.

I have to admit, I have been enabling her. My love of seeing her getting loopy and silly has pushed me to becoming her supplier. Yes, I’ve been buying her bags of catnip since she was just a little kitten. I even got her a live catnip plant. How could anyone ever say no to such a cute face? MOL In my defense, I have a brown thumb and I think I may have killed the plant. It is looking pretty pathetic.

In light of our sparse fresh catnip crop this year, Manna has requested a new plant. Will I give in? It is her 9th birthday next week (which we will be celebrating with all of you on Monday, June 13th). Let’s just say, that I have a very special birthday present all lined up for her. All of you are invited to her online birthday party to see her face when she opens it. 🙂

Today, I gave Manna a bit of spoiling. Dave and I had been gone much of the day and I had missed her. I gave her chin scratches, treats, and let her choose toys from the catnip marinator. She chose a pink knot toy from the marinator and started playing with it. It was adorable. One thing led to another and next thing I know, there is catnip all over my couch. Manna was quite proud of the fact that she was able to get away with catnip on the couch. I think that this week’s funny cat picture says it all!

A Wink and A Smile - Manna

Would your cat ask for catnip as a birthday present?