Perhaps I should have saved this for Father’s Day, but I just couldn’t wait. Manna has always been a daddy’s girl. She had a strong connection with Dave straight from the start. Manna loves me too, but there is nothing quite like her relationship with her daddy. It is really cute! Her eyes light up when he comes in the door from work. She will run to him, fall down on the floor and roll around.

As I’ve mentioned before, Manna tucks Dave into bed every night. Dave really looks forward to this time with Manna. It is an adorable ritual! Around his bed time, she will start meowing at him. Then she will lead him into our bedroom and jump on the bed. Once he lays down, she will play with his hand and take in all the petting she can handle. She makes sure to rub her cheeks all over him and then runs off. Throughout the night, she goes in and checks on him or puts her toys in bed with him.

Where does Manna go when she runs off? Mostly to sit with me while I blog at night. She likes to sit near me and get in her night time play sessions and petting from me. Sometimes she even gets a late night snack. When it is cold outside, she likes to snuggle into my robe and purr. I guess I’m more snuggly than Dave. MOL! She’s a spoiled little girl.

This week’s photo is a little bit more cute than funny. I got a quick cell phone photo of Manna as she was tucking Dave into bed. To me, it looks like she is smiling from ear to ear. Nothing makes her happier than making me and Dave happy.

Happy Girl - Manna

Does your cat have any daily rituals?