Big & Beautiful Cats!

Cats have been very successful at adapting to the different landscapes of our planet. Every region of the world has its own unique types of cats. They vary in size, color, type of coat, preferred prey, hunting methods, and more. Here are just a few examples of the variations out there:

  • Tigers
    Tigers are very large cats weighing up to 700 pounds or more. They are native to the tropical jungles and forests of Asia and love to swim. These big cats prefer to live and hunt alone. They can eat up to 90 pounds of meat in one sitting!
  • Lynx
    There are different species of Lynx all over the northern hemisphere. Many of these cats are adapted to colder weather and prefer rabbits (some almost exclusively) as their prey. These are smaller cats weighing between 40 and 90 pounds. The Siberian Lynx is the largest. They prefer to live and hunt alone.
  • Lions
    Lions are large, weighing between 250 and 550 pounds. Unlike many other species of big cats, lions prefer to live and hunt together in prides. They have a complicated social structure. The females do the hunting and the males secure their pride’s territory. The grasslands of Africa are the lion’s natural habitat.
  • Jaguars
    The Jaguar is the largest of that cats native to the Americas. They average between 150-200 pounds. These cats love water and climbing trees. They are found mostly in the rainforest and swampy areas (southern Central America and South America). Solitary hunters, jaguars are fond of eating wild pigs and capybaras. They have a unique way of hunting – they pierce their prey’s skull rather than it’s throat like other cats.
  • Cougars
    The size of a cougar varies widely from 75 to 250 pounds. Naturally, they are found in mountainous areas of North and Sound America. These solitary big kitties prefer a diet of deer but will eat a variety of different animals.

Title Photo Credit: Moni Sertel via Flickr

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Instructions for the Interactive Word Search

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  • The puzzle is finished once you have found all of the words.

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 Does your cat remind you of any big cat species?