It’s no secret that Manna is a prankster. She has pulled some pretty funny jokes on other people. Cinco was always her favorite target, but she gets me and Dave too. The other night, Dave went to bed and Manna kept tucking her aluminum foil ball into bed with him and then yelling in his face until he would dig it out and throw it. It made us both laugh.

Manna pranked the maintenance man this weekend too! We had called maintenance to come over and snake out the drains in our bathroom. Of course, maintenance doesn’t come over immediately, so Dave and I went out to run some errands. Not 20 minutes after we left, we got a frantic call from the maintenance man that he was standing outside our apartment and he could hear a “threatening sounding animal” inside. He wanted us to come home and make sure it was safe to enter our apartment! I imagine that Manna was just singing as she was playing with a mouse, but it was funny to hear that this cat (that is less than 10 lbs) is “threatening.” The maintenance guy was pretty embarrassed once he saw her.

After all of her pranks, I decided to play a prank on Manna. The rainbow toy was out and she was having a great time playing. I was talking to her about how she will likely get a new brofur or sisfur one of these days. She needs someone to play with after all. Then I asked her how she would feel about her new sibling being a puppy. This photo shows the look that I got. Don’t worry, I let her know it was a joke and we aren’t actually planning on getting a puppy.

Say What - Manna
Has your cat ever given you a look like this?