Kitties make great BFFs!

Women and cats have had a long history of friendship. The way that society has viewed that relationship has sometimes been with envy and at other times with disdain. In the ancient world, cats were often connected to goddesses. In medieval times, cats were “known” companions of witches (most often thought to be old women in those days). During the Victorian era, cats were the precious pets of elite women.

In modern times, there are a few different views of the relationship between women and their cats. One is the idea of the “crazy cat lady.” This is an unfortunate view as it belittles the human-cat bond while at the same time bullying women who have a very serious mental illness (animal hoarders). More favorable is the view that women who like cats are more independent than other women. Since cats are independent creatures themselves, they allow women to have a steady, bonded, and loyal companion, without the clinginess and drama that comes with some human relationships.

Perhaps more important than the way society views the relationship between cats and women is the way cat-loving women view their cats. Being a cat-loving woman myself, I must say that cats are great best friends and family members. Some women, such as myself, choose to accept their cats as their furry children while others feel they hold a different role in the family. Cats understand us in ways that other people often don’t. Their needs are simple and their love is deep. There is nothing quite like the purring of a beloved cat on a difficult day. When a cat chooses to give their love and attention to you, you know you have something special. Cats are never compelled, they love because they truly want to love.

Tite Image Credit: emma.kate via Flickr

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 What is one thing you really love about your cat?