Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most wonderful things. I love having playtime with my cats and I’m pretty sure they are fans of it too. It gives me a moment to bond with them. They teach me and I teach them. I get to watch them do the things that cats do best! During playtime is when you can really see the uniqueness of the feline form and mind. They are amazing and they make me question how humans ever got to the top of the food chain.

Each cat has their own way of “hunting” toys. Manna is very energetic and likes to go at toys full force. Her passion for the hunt has been the subject of many of my favorite photos in my Playful Kitty collection. Cinco, on the other hand, is a slow stalker. He hides. He waits. He watches. He springs into action at just the right moment to catch the toy. It can be hard to get a good photo of him catching toys because he attacks so suddenly and so fast (the photos almost always turn out blurry).

The funniest thing about a slowly stalking cat like Cinco is the subtleties in his expressions. His facial expressions during playtime say more than most humans do in a day. The other day we were playing with a feather toy. Cinco loves flying toys! I did a variety of motions with the toy and Cinco watched carefully. Then, he got really close and just watched it with his eyes. It was hilarious! He did end up catching the feather. In my opinion, the photo I got of him watching the feather makes it look like he was very suspicious of this cat toy.

Suspicious Cat Toy - Cinco

Are your cats more of the energetic “hunter” type or more of the slow stalker type?

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This toy is supposed to crawl, but Cinco wanted it to fly. Wish granted!