What’s in a Name?

Naming your cat is an important way to connect your cat to your family! How did I choose my cats’ names? Their names are actually of deep significance to me personally. To make a long story short, the names are one-word reminders of some very important spiritual lessons I was learning at the times my cats’ came into my life.

Cinco came to me just a month after I tragically lost the cat that I had adopted before him, Obi-Wan. It was a loss that was very hard for me. In my grief, I sought understanding from my Christian faith. What brought me comfort was that God owns everything He has created and Obi-Wan was not truly mine.  So my intention was to honor God’s ownership of the new kitten I adopted by naming him after the biblical day of creation on which cats were made. Of course, I misread (very common for me) and I decided to name my kitty Cinco (Spanish was the cutest sounding translation of 5). Cats were actually created on the 6th day. The name Cinco stuck anyway.

Manna actually has a double meaning. The first meaning had to do with the chaotic financial state my husband and I were in when we met Manna. It was summer and my husband is a school bus driver so we lose a bit of income when school isn’t in session. We were learning at the time that God provides. The word “manna” is what the Israelites called a miraculous bread from heaven in the Old Testament of the Bible. The second meaning came from my dad’s description of the 3.5-week old kitten when she appeared on his doorstep. He said he had found an alien. She was a little tiny thing with giant blue eyes! When the Israelites first saw the manna on the ground, they had no idea what it was. The word “manna” actually means “what is this?”

Need a Few Naming Ideas?

Rather than just listing names, here are a few idea starters that you can use to come up with a unique name for your cat!

  • What is your cat’s personality like?
  • What are some unique or stand-out physical traits of your cat?
  • Do you have any personal heroes? (family members, great leaders, innovators, etc)
  • Does your cat remind you of any famous people or famous cats?
  • Try out some foreign words that mean “cat”, “kitten”, or describe your cat in some way.
  • What things do you think are most beautiful?
  • What places are important to you?
  • Do you have a favorite work of art? (paintings, books, films, etc)

Title Image Credit: Belal Khan via Flickr 

Want to Compete?

I got a score of 44 on this word search. Can you get a higher one?

Instructions for the Interactive Word Search

  • Words from the word list on the right are hidden within the puzzle. The words may be spelled forward, backward, or on a diagonal.
  • Click on the first letter of the word, drag the cursor across the word and click on the last letter of the word.
  • The puzzle is finished once you have found all of the words.

If the word search is not displaying correctly, you can click here and play it directly from the source website. There appears that there may be a problem with the embed code on the source end of things. 

How did your cat get his/her name?