Cinco and Manna are fairly convinced that every package that comes in the mail is for them. For the most part, they are right. They get really excited and want to get right to the part where they can eat the contents of the package or play with it. Even the empty cardboard box is fun! They enjoy doing the photo shoots for any of our sponsored posts (or gifts that people send them) because they know that they will get something out of it. Generally speaking, when the camera turns on, or I open a box, the kitties come running.

Once in a while, I have to disappoint Cinco and Manna with the news that the package is not for them. Upon investigation of the package, they realize that I am right and they give me dirty looks. The best translation of those looks is “What kind of package is this, Mommy? We don’t want this. Go out there and tell the mailman we want something else!”

One package that we received recently was a book that a friend had written, titled Yogi Cats (see our review). I really wanted to get a couple of photos of my personal favorite kitties/yogi cats to go with the review. Cinco is especially good at kitty yoga! Manna is very flexible, but she shows it less through stretches and more through complicated toy-hunting maneuvers. I took the book out of the package and set it near the cat tree.

The cats came running but quickly realized that this was one of those packages that simply was not for them. I used my powerful kitty mommy negotiating skills and offered to put plentiful catnip on the cat tree in return for one of them to pose with the book. They counter offered and said they would do it for catnip spray on the cat tree now, but plentiful piles of the real stuff on the scratchers following the photo shoot. It was a tough bargain, but I agreed.

Manna chose to be the kitty in the photos. She did a great job! However, at one point I asked her to smile and I think that she may have heard “sneeze” instead.

Book Blooper - Manna
Do your cats ever try to bargain with you for the things they really want?