A New Twist on 2 Old Favorite Breeds

Once known as the “Golden Siamese,” the Tonkinese cat breed has become its own distinct breed. Some of these kitties can have the beautiful pointed coat pattern of the Siamese cat breed, the solid color coat of the Burmese cat breed, or their signature mink coat pattern. This unique mink coat pattern is a less drastic version of the pointed coat pattern that allows the color of the points to appear to blend out into the main coat color. Those Tonkinese cats with the mink coat pattern also have a unique eye color – a stunning aqua.

The Tonkinese cat breed is fairly new to the modern cat fancy circuit, but it is not new to the world. Since the breed is the result of breeding Siamese cats with Burmese cats (two naturally occurring breeds that are from the same area of the world), Tonkinese cats are documented to have existed for hundreds of years. They were even shown at the very first cat show in Victorian England under a different name. However, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that attempts to official create and establish the Tonkinese breed started.

Tonkinese cats loving being with their humans. They tend to trust everyone and enjoy greeting guests as they come in the door! These kitties know how to make a game out of everything. They love to play with their humans and one another. It is best to have more than one cat if  you have a Tonkinese cat because they get bored (and mischievous) easily when left alone.

To learn more about the Tonkinese breed, please read my article, The Tonkinese Cat Breed.

Featured Photo Credit: Angela Thomas via Flickr

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Manna sometimes greets my husband and me when we come home. Does your cat like to greet people at the door?