Cinco is the type of kitty that feels comfortable in cozy little holes where he feels hidden.  He loves his cat hammock and is often found there if he isn’t sitting in my lap. Cinco is pretty sure he is hidden there even though he is in the middle of our living room. It is pretty funny to hear snoring coming from our end table (Cinco snores when he dreams)!

The other night I had seen Cinco lay down in his hammock when we had finished our photo shoot for Niptoons. As usual, I went to work on the computer and it wasn’t long until I heard Cinco snoring from his hammock. All was well until I suddenly heard a hiss and a thump. I got up (camera in hand since I had been playing with it) and found Cinco sitting next to the end table with a sleepy, grumpy face.

Background Kitty - Cinco

What happened here? The biggest clue is in the background. There is a certain mischievous kitty sitting in the background to the right of the end table. Now, I didn’t see what happened, but I have a good idea of how everything went down. Cinco was sleeping peacefully in his hammock  when Manna sees him wiggling his paws and snoring in his sleep. The little devil on Manna’s shoulder saw this as an opportunity for a sneak attack. She pounced him and ran off down the hall. Of course, hearing me turn on the camera, she ran back just in time to be in the background of  Cinco’s photo.

I asked Manna if my version of the story was correct. Check out her response for yourself.

Background Kitty - Manna

Do you think I’m right about Manna pouncing Cinco?