Loving Kitties Never Goes Out of Style!

Cats have been captivating humanity for thousands of years. Early evidence of the cat-human relationship shows that the love between cats and their humans was beyond death doing them part. One of the oldest pieces of evidence is a cat buried alongside his/her human! Later in history, the Ancient Egyptians famously fell in love with cats – even adding them into their religion and giving the death penalty to anyone who killed a cat. Countless cultures across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia would also be influenced by the love of cats. By the 1800’s, cats would become one of the most popular household pets in western society and this would continue to the current day.

Today’s culture may have a lot of things that cultures of the past didn’t have, but loving kitties is still very much in style. In recent years, cat cafes have become popular in many places in the world. I got to visit one that is in my local area recently and it got me thinking. These simple, but meaningful animal rescue outlets are a true blessing to the communities they are a part of in a number of ways.

  • Showing potential cat adopters a better side of the adoptable cats.
    At more traditional adoption fairs, cats are often out of their element. They are nervous about being in an unfamiliar setting that is bustling with activity, noise, and dogs. Potential adopters don’t necessarily see the loving, laid-back personalities of these cats. Cat cafes give cats a place that is familiar and far more cat-centric. Here, potential adopters can see more of a cat’s personality for themselves.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    A lot of people love cat rescues, but for one reason or another can not be a foster cat parent. Cat cafes give these people an opportunity to lend a hand to their favorite cat rescue with the amount of commitment that is right for them. Also, this gives younger people, senior citizens, and people with special needs an opportunity to volunteer and interact with the cats even if they can’t have one in their homes. The whole community can feel a sense of ownership in what the cat rescue is doing.
  • Cat therapy 
    A cat cafe is a great place to go to relax and receive the physical and emotional benefits of friendship with a cat. You don’t have to be traumatized, ill, or suffer from any particular condition to get therapeutic benefits from cats. However, cats can help all of those problems too!
  • Fostering understanding
    Hanging out at a cat cafe is a great way to introduce someone who has never shared their life with a cat to the world of cats. Children can learn about having a cat before bringing on into the home. People with misconceptions about cats can learn what they are really like. The entire community can learn together.

Featured Image: Liam from the Catfe Lounge in Ferndale, Michigan

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 Do you think cat cafes are beneficial?