Around here, the cats get fed just before I sit down to eat my meals. There are a few reasons for doing that. First, it helps me to feed the cats around the same times every day (not that they don’t remind me too). Second, since I don’t eat right away in the morning, the cats don’t relate my waking up with eating. That means they don’t try to wake me up for food. Finally, it means that I will get a few minutes of peaceful eating before the cats run in trying to get some of the food on my plate. You would think they would be too full to steal my food, but I think it is more of a game to them than anything (they don’t always eat what they steal).

Between Cinco and Manna, Manna is probably the more crafty food thief. She comes up with some very interesting approaches! The problem with having really smart cats is that, well, they are really smart. Sometimes the two of them even gang up on me. So not fair! Today’s funny cat picture is the face that Manna made after nabbing a piece of shrimp off of my plate. I wasn’t too worried about  it because it was only fresh shrimp sauteed in butter (nothing else on it). I found the piece of shrimp on the other side of the living room, she had only licked the butter off of it.

Oooh Yummy - Manna

Do your cats “help” you eat your dinner?