We’re back! Cinco, Manna, and I had a very busy weekend redesigning Playful Kitty. We’ve very happy with how things have turned out. Despite a few small technical difficulties, everything went smoothly! There is still a little bit of cleaning up to do here and there, but we are happy to show you what we’ve done.

About the New Look

Playful Kitty Logo with Purple Background

Our new logo!

This redesign of Playful Kitty was all about updating the look and functionality of the website. The theme that I had been using on this website had been falling apart a bit over the last few months, so I decided that it was best to change things up. I want to make sure that everyone has the best experience possible when they visit us!

My original color scheme (yellow, tan, and brown) was chosen by picking colors out of Cinco and Manna’s fur in Photoshop. This time, the blue and purple color scheme is based on my favorite colors. I wanted to use color to bring some personality and playfulness to the website.

There is also a brand new logo! I have wanted to get a professional looking logo for Playful Kitty for a while now. I wanted something very simple that would help bring Playful Kitty together as a brand. The logo was created by a friend of mine, Scott Chapman, who is also a graphic designer. He loves cats! He has one kitty at home and is considering adopting another. If you need any new graphics, please consider working with him. You can email him at [email protected]. (Disclosure: This is not a paid endorsement, I paid full price for my logo.)

A Few Small Menu Changes

Brand New Look Same Great Kitties Manna

Manna preparing to pounce!

As a part of having a cleaner, easier to navigate website, I have moved a few things around on the menu bar. Niptoons and Funny Cat Pictures are now out front on the menu. The Cat Breeds and Human-Animal Bond categories are now under the Animal Rescue tab, the Behavior category is under Health, and the Word Searches are under Cats In Culture.

The modules throughout the homepage display posts from various content categories. Hopefully, this will help you to find any information you might be looking for easily. If you are having any trouble navigating on Playful Kitty, please let me know!

Updated About Page

The About Page is all new! The link to this page is now located at the very top of the page in the navy blue bar above the header. There is an adorable 30-second video there that explains Playful Kitty’s new tagline “Cats, Tips, and Catnip Trips.” You can also find out more about me, Cinco, Manna, and Dave.

What do you think of the redesigned Playful Kitty? Any constructive criticism?

Brand New Look Same Great Kitties Cinco

Cinco spying a toy on the cat tree.