Niptoons Presents:

“Concentrating Kitties”

Starring: Cinco and Manna

Concentrating Kitties 1

Concentrating Kitties 2

Concentrating Kitties 4

Concentrating Kitties 5

Concentrating Kitties 6

Concentrating Kitties 7

Do your pets interrupt each other’s play time?

Big News!

The big redesign of  Playful Kitty is here! Everything here will be the way you are used to seeing it until Friday night. Around midnight, I will be putting up a page that announces that I am doing maintenance on the site and there will be a pawsome count down. The totally redesigned site will be up on Monday morning! The redesign is mainly to update the look and functionality of the website. New look, new logo, new colors, and a few other updates! Niptoons and the other great content you love here won’t be changing. However, due to the redesign, there will not be a Word Search on Saturday or a Funny Cat Picture Sunday. Instead, I am sending a few goodies in the Playful Kitty Newsletter today! Thank you all for your support and patience!

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