Cinco and Manna act just like human siblings. They love each other and they look out for each other, but they also love to get each other riled up. In a lot of ways, their relationship reminds me of my relationship with my younger sister when we were kids. We had a lot of fun together, but we fought all the time. Still, no one but me could mess with my sister!

Manna is normally the instigator of all mischief. She will start grooming Cinco (which he loves) and start a fight with him when she’s done. She will steal toys from him while he’s playing with them too. So mean! Cinco isn’t totally innocent, though. He may be the more passive cat, but he has a lot of cattitude. One of this favorite things to do is wait until Manna is just about ready to lick the catnip off of something and race over to lick it off before her. He will make sure to take up all the room he can in sun puddles too (which is quite a lot). In this photo, Cinco had beaten Manna to a big pile of catnip on our rolling cat scratcher. I love his funny face! Manna does look a bit ticked at him, though.

Oh Brother Cinco and Manna

Are your cats like siblings?