Niptoons Presents:

” Feather Catchers”

Starring: Cinco and Manna

Feather Catchers 1

Feather Catchers 2

Feather Catchers 3

Feather Catchers 4

Feather Catchers 5

Feather Catchers 6

What do you think, do you get more points for catching the feather catcher than just catching the feather?

Last Day to Enter!

Today (Wednesday, January 13, 2016) is the last day to enter to win a KittyPal Litter Mat! These litter mats are nice and big, so they will catch more litter before it ends up all over your home. Click on the image to go to the giveaway!

KittyPal Litter Mat Review and Giveaway Title Square

Click on this image to go to the giveaway!

Renovations are Coming!

Within the next month or so I will be redesigning this site! I would love to get your opinion on some of the changes I’m thinking about. If you haven’t already, please take a few seconds to fill out this very short, multiple choice survey. If this is your first visit to Playful Kitty, your first impressions are helpful too! Thank you so much!

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