Cinco and Manna can be just like human siblings sometimes. They love each other, they have their spats, and they seem to compete with one another. Competition usually starts when older fur-sibling, Cinco, does something and Manna feels the need to do it too. If Cinco runs down the hall as fast as he can, Manna will try to catch up to him. If Cinco jumps to get a treat or bat a toy, Manna has to prove that she can do that too. I find it kind of humorous when Cinco sits in my lap and Manna comes over and tries to squeeze into my lap too. Cinco never likes to share my lap, but Manna has quietly worked her way in without him seeming to notice a few times.

There is no reason for Manna to be jealous of Cinco. I make sure that the two of them always have equal food, treats, toys, attention, etc. Sometimes I think that the competition is more about impressing Cinco than it is about impressing me. Manna is the more dominant cat, but Cinco is bigger and has some innate advantages.

Manna definitely won a competition with Cinco this past week – the Biggest Yawn competition. I got all kinds of kitty yawn photos during our Niptoons photo shoot! However, I believe that Manna’s yawn was the biggest. Her little jaw couldn’t possibly get much wider!

Biggest Yawn Ever - Manna

Manna: “Beat this yawn, Cinco!”

What do you think, could Manna open her mouth any wider?