Our Christmas with Secret Paws

Cinco was totally ready for Santa Paws to make his appearance!

Christmas came and went way too fast! It has been a very busy holiday season. The cats have been thrilled with all of the new things they have gotten to try and even more excited about getting to open their presents from their Secret Paws (a Secret Santa-like exchange between cat bloggers). Like the meanie I am, I made Cinco and Manna wait until Christmas day to open their presents.

Sorry this post came a little late! My web host had a hiccup and I couldn’t get into the back end of the website to post anything for most of the weekend.

The Big Reveal!

SecretPaws2015 ParticipantSidebarBadge

Our Secret Paws was….the Island Cats!

It turned out that the sender of our Secret Paws gifts was none other than Wally, Earnie, Zoey, and Mom Sue from the Island Cats! They have a great blog. They were even finalists for last year’s BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards for Best Cat Blog.  Please check it out if you get a chance. I have had the opporunity to meet Mom Sue on a couple of occassions – once when we both volunteered to work at a telethon for the Michigan Humane Society. It turns out that we only live about an hour away from each other. It is nice to have some cat blogger friends who are not too far away.

I also want to send a big thank you out to Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula from Sweet Perfections for organizing the Cats with Blogs Secret Paws event again this year. It is a huge undertaking! Cinco, Manna, and I are very appreciative of all of the hard work that went into this.

Opening the Gifts

Cinco and Manna are very patient when it comes to gifts. I put their gifts under the Christmas tree the day that we received them and neither cat tried to open them. They were interested! They sniffed them and slept on top of them, but no claws were used. I’m very proud of them for waiting so nicely.

When the time came Christmas morning, my husband, Dave, helped Cinco and Manna open their gifts as I took photos. You will see that he is doing his best Vanna White impression in the photos (boys are silly). The cats waited eagerly as each gift was opened and got an opportunity to play with each one. The Island Cats were VERY generous with their gifts to Cinco and Manna. They received (excuse the wrong names as some tags were destroyed):

Our Christmas - Manna watching Dave open a gift

Manna watching as Dave opens the first gift.

  • A rainbow colored felt wand toy
  • A big bag of Temptations (chicken and catnip flavor)
  • A Smarty Cat Flicker Ball
  • A bag of Wooly Dust Bunnies
  • A Smarty Cat Crackle Chute
  • A pack of 3 Catnip Mice
  • A Plague Rat (large catnip rat)
  • A catnip turkey from 3Dogs1Cat
  • A “Santa Paws Stop Here” sign (seen at the top of the post with Cinco)
  • Roasted Cinnamon Sugar Almonds (for Dave and I)
  • A Chocolate Christmas Sucker (for me)

Christmas Favorites

Temptations are always a winner in this apartment. I was not surprised at all when the cats were thrilled to receive those as a gift for Christmas. The rainbow-colored wand toy was also an instant favorite for Cinco and Manna. I have a whole bunch of photos of them chasing it around in our living room Christmas morning.  The Wooly Dust Bunnies got a lot of attention from both cats too. It is really cute to see the cats carrying those around in their mouths.

There were individual favorites too. Cinco really love the Plague Rat. Dave and I knew as soon as we opened it that Cinco would claim it. He really enjoys larger catnip toys that don’t make any noise. Manna’s favorite was the catnip turkey fro 3Dogs1Cat. It was really easy for her to flip around. We’ll have to visit 3Dogs1Cat on one of these days! As for the gifts for humans, I have been loving the roasted almonds!

Did your cats get any gifts this holiday season?