Between my cats, Manna has always been the more dominant cat. She’s a bossy little girl who isn’t afraid to show her sassy side. Even when Cinco and Manna first met, it was clear that Manna would take charge. I remember how they would play. She wasn’t even as big as his tail and she would initiate wrestling matches. As adults, Cinco is still quite a bit larger than Manna and she still tells him what to do.

Last month, something got into Cinco. I’m not really sure what happened, but he has started to push back a little bit against Manna’s dominance. He has started being assertive and letting Manna know that he wants a turn to do things too. He has pushed past her to have some catnip before her during our last couple of photo shoots.

When we did our photos for the Torus water bowl, Manna did her usual modeling. She always places herself right in front of the camera as soon as I pull it out. Normally, Cinco sits by my side and patiently waits for Manna to tire of being photographed. This time, he surprised Manna and me by jumping up next to her on the table and strutting his stuff before Manna was finished! She wasn’t sure that he should be sharing so much of her spotlight, but he was determined to do it anyway. Sibling rivalry!

Water Bowl Rivalry - Cinco and Manna

Cinco (right): “Pbtttt! I can be the star if I want to be the star, Manna!”

Have you ever seen a change in dynamics between your cats?