Just like any cat, Cinco and Manna love to scratch. I’m totally against declawing, so I’ve always provided something that my cats could use to scratch on. For the longest time, they didn’t want to use traditional scratchers. I tried some different methods of getting them to scratch a scratcher, but in true feline fashion, they weren’t interested in my suggestions.

Then there was the chair – we had moved into a house and there was a junkie old white chair left behind from the previous owner. It was our intention to throw it out, but before garbage day came, the cats fell in love with it. The chair became the cats’ scratcher and they left everything else alone. I decided that it was a good compromise.

Just this past summer, we finally got rid of the white chair. We made a giant scratching post (Cinco is really tall for a kitty), found a decent cat tower in a garage sale (that we hope to give a makeover to at some point), and other scratchers have been finding their way to us from various sponsors of Playful Kitty.

Cinco and Manna have taken to the scratchers pretty well this time around. Manna especially loves them. This little girl seems to have decided that they are all hers. I’ve told her that she has to share with Cinco. However, she tends to respond with the following facial expression.

The Grinch That Steals Scratchers - Manna

Manna: “Pbbbttt! They are all mine. All mine, you hear!”

Do your cats like scratchers?

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