Niptoons Presents:

“The Christmas Feather”

Starring: Cinco and Manna

The Christmas Feather 1

The Christmas Feather 2

The Christmas Feather 3

The Christmas Feather 4

The Christmas Feather 5

The Christmas Feather 6

The Christmas Feather 7

Shhh! Don’t tell Cinco and Manna, but I have several peacock feathers hidden for them for Christmas.

Do your pets ever find the things you try to hide from them?

The Prize Has Changed!

There have been 2 new pieces of cat furniture added to the original prize! Now the winner will receive the Cat Crib Cat Hammock, a Way Basics Cat Scratcher Kitty Cross, and a Way Basics Cat Scratcher Kitty Wheel. That’s $105 of beautiful cat furniture! Click on the image below to go to the giveaway.

Felign Stylish Cat Furniture Giveaway Title Square

Click this image to go to the giveaway!

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