The Christmas spirit is in full gear here in the Playful Kitty household! The tree is up and decorated and the cats and I have Christmas music playing in the background while we do our photo shoots. Cinco and Manna are huge fans of sleeping under the Christmas tree (that is where they are while I’m writing this). They love helping me wrap presents too! These two are getting totally spoiled this year with all of the sponsors we’ve been blessed to get this month. No wonder they think every piece of mail we receive is for them!

One of my favorite things about Christmas time is singing Christmas carols. Then again, I sing a lot (if you are curious, check out this song I wrote a long time ago). The cats have always seemed to enjoy it when I sing, but now I think it is beginning to rub off on them. We were taking Christmas photos and playing with the peacock feather. I was singing “The Little Drummer Boy” and bopping the kitties with the feather at the “par-um-pum-pum-pum” parts when I got this photo of Cinco singing along. 😉

Christmas Caroling - Cinco

What is your cat’s favorite part of the holiday season?