Every kitty deserves a great gift! Keep reading to enter our giveaway and you could win an Amazon or Etsy gift card just in time for Christmas.

A great gift for your kitty or favorite rescue!

The holiday season has officially begun! Now it is off to the races get the purrfect gifts for all of your loved ones – including your pets. Last week I published Playful Kitty’s first Cat Lover’s Christmas Gift guide that showcased 20 pawsome gifts from my affiliate partners Amazon and Etsy. This week, I want to help you get the gift that is on top of your kitty’s Christmas list. Alternatively, consider entering this giveaway on behalf of your favorite animal rescue!

Disclosure: This giveaway is not sponsored. It is a gift from Cinco, Manna and me to you!

5 Quick Tips For Choosing Christmas Gifts for a Cat

  1. Choose toys that mimic prey.
    Cats love to use their instinctive hunting skills. Find a toy that can imitate a bird, a rodent, or a small lizard.
  2. Interaction beats automation any day.
    Choose toys that will allow you to interact with your cat, such as wand toys. Battery operated toys can be fun, but they will never take the place of a real live playmate. Interactive toys are great bonding experience too.
  3. Give treats responsibly.
    There is nothing wrong with giving your cat treats. However, feline obesity and subsequent diseases are on the rise. Nobody wants a sick kitty! Space out the treats a little so those calories don’t pile up as quickly.
  4. ย Consider gifts that promote healthy behaviors.
    Cats can never have enough scratchers, places to perch, litter boxes, or water bowls. Scratchers give the cat a place to scratch – other than your furniture. Perches allow cats to feel more comfortable in your home and may even reduce anxiety. You should have one litter box per cat plus one extra litter box. Cats can be territorial over litter boxes. Having lots of water bowls or fountains (which some cats prefer) encourages your cats to drink enough water to stay hydrated.
  5. Respect your cat’s boundaries when it comes to wearables.ย 
    Not all cats like wearing clothes. If your cat isn’t comfortable in something, don’t make him/her wear it. Having a happy, well-adjusted kitty is more important than showing off at an ugly Christmas sweater party.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to let ย your cats enjoy the boxes their presents came in! Cinco and Manna say that the box and the wrapping paper are the best parts of any gift.

Enter To Win!

Just in time for Christmas, one (1) lucky winner will receive their choice of either a $25 Amazon Gift Card OR a $25 Etsy Gift Card. The winner can be from anywhere in the world, but he/she must have an email address and beย 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited. The gift card will be delivered via email. If the Etsy gift card is chosen, it will be in US dollars (but can still be used from any country).

Entries can be received until December 7, 2015, at 11:59 PM EST. A winner will be announced by the end of the day Wednesday, December 9, 2015. The winner will be notified by email. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.

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Every kitty deserves a great gift! Keep reading to enter our giveaway and you could win an Amazon or Etsy gift card just in time for Christmas.

Christmas shopping for cats is fun!