I would make up a funny story about today’s funny cat picture, but the truth is pretty stinkin’ funny on its own. When I do photo shoots with the cats, I reward them for participating. They get treats, catnip, or both depending on what seems appropriate that night. I’m more liberal with the catnip because it is very effective without adding too much junk to their diet. This has been a very fruitful practice as the cats get excited whenever they see me pick up the camera. Cinco and Manna are very patient with me as I’m finally starting to get the nerve to get out of auto mode on my DSLR camera. They are wonderful models.

This past week we were working on our Thanksgiving Niptoon. My husband and I had purchased a mini tennis ball for Cinco during our experience at the Novi Pet Expo. Cinco loves it! He had been chasing it around in a dimly lit spot and I brought it into an area of the living room with better light. I thought I would make it better by covering it in catnip. Long story short, my shaky hands (I have hand tremors) got tons of catnip all over the floor around the ball and not very much on the ball. Cinco was still thrilled to do the photo shoot with the ball, it just didn’t quite turn out as I had imagined. Well played Cinco, well played.

Catnip Crazy - Cinco

Cinco: “Nom, nom, nom! Give me more nip!”

Has your cat ever gotten more of a treat than you had intended for him/her?