Novi Pet Expo Title

A view looking into the Novi Pet Expo from the entrance.

Thanksgiving is not the only event in November in Metro Detroit! This past weekend my husband and I made our way out to the Novi Pet Expo. Despite the snow storm there was still quite a turn out. We had a lot of fun! Much of the expo was geared towards dogs, but we found some great cat-reltaed things.

Animal Rescues

A large section of the Novi Pet Expo was dedicated to animal rescues. Most of the animal rescues brought adoptable cats and dogs. These pets drew a lot of attention and it appeared like there were a lot of adoption applications being filled out! It looked like the rescues were doing pretty well with selling their fundraising merchandise too. It was a great thing to see. My local rescue, A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue, was there and they were staying busy. I volunteered to come over to the rescue’s office and take photos of the cats to help them find forever homes. They didn’t have any of their cats with them at the expo. Below are some photos of a few the cats that did make it out to the Novi Pet Expo.

The Performing House Cats

One of the highlights of the Novi Pet Expo was the Panfilov Circus Family. Husband and wife team, Andriy and Mayya, brought their performing dogs  and cats. All of the cats used in the show were rescued. The show was about half and hour long and featured some very cool tricks. I feel that it was a great demonstration of how incredible cats really are. All of the pets seemed to enjoy getting their opportunity to perform (treats were given after every trick). My husband and I both really enjoyed the performance.

TICA Cat Show

The Novi Pet Expo hosted a 3 day TICA cat show. There were a lot of kitties there! I was there on the second day of the show and it was very busy. The cats were very beautiful. It seemed like a lot of ribbons were being handed out. Since the cat owners so busy with the show, I didn’t bother them for photos of their cats.

Notable Booths at the Novi Pet Expo

Quite a few retailers were present a the Novi Pet Expo. The majority of the proudcts were geared towards dogs, but there were some cat products there. Even the Purina booth didn’t have anything for cats. They did give me a stuffed animal kitty, though! It is cute.

There were 2 local merchants and one local organization that caught my eye. The first is Super Scooper. The product is a tall litter box scoop (about 3 feet tall) that you can use like a shovel. You don’t have to crouch down on the ground to scoop the cat litter. I thought this was interesting because your hands don’t have to get so close to the cat litter/waste. My husband takes care of the litter box in our home because every time I try to scoop the litter, I break out in hives and I can’t breathe. I think this product might make it possible for me to scoop the litter.

Novi Pet Expo - Retailers 1

The Super Scooper

The second merchant is One-Time Hair Flips. This isn’t a cat product, it is more for cat lovers! It is a simple tool for your hair that helps you easily make buns, french twists, etc. I have one of these that I bought 2 years ago at a fair and it is still working great. It is made from fabric and wire. All kinds of fabric patterns are available. I chose a really cute cat pattern. The woman who  makes these is really sweet. The photos below are of the hair flip I purchased and how it looks on my head.

Finally, I came across and organization called Furry Agape for therapy cats! I think that cats can have a very healing affect on people. In some cases, a cat may have a larger positive impact on someone than a dog or other types of therapy animals. My husband and I are considering getting Manna certified so she can help people.

Novi Pet Expo - Retailers 4

Furry Agape provides therapy cats to people who need some furry friendship.

Do you have a favorite thing to see at pet centric events?