Cinco and Manna are spoiled kitties (just as they should be). My blogging has given them the opportunity to try many of different products. They deserve it! They do a lot of the work with me. It is always fun to see them get excited when a box comes in the mail. They love surprises. Despite the fact that cats are known to be picky, Cinco and Manna like almost everything they try.

Recently, Cinco and Manna got to try Whisker Greens cat grass. They hadn’t had cat grass before, so it was quite the treat! Cinco took to it pretty quickly and Manna took a little more convincing. It is kind of funny because Cinco’s reaction to the cat grass reminded me of how he reacts to the Christmas tree when we put it up (even though it isn’t a real tree). He was very willing to take part in the photo shoot with the Whisker Greens plants. When he started munching, I had a hard time getting a good angle, so I asked him to look at me. That is when I got today’s funny cat picture.

A Little Cattitude - Cinco

Does your cat like to try new things?