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Cinco (right) and Manna being totally irresistable.

Meow Mix Sponsored Post ImageAs cat owners,  love to share the cool things that our cats do. That’s why Cinco, Manna, and I have joined the Meow Mix® Acatemy™!  The Meow Mix Acatemy is a new online community for cat lovers! There you will find content from cat experts, pawsome authors, ‘pet personalities’, and cat bloggers (like myself). It is also a great place to share and see the irresistible moments we have with our cats.

What is an Irresistible Moment?

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A great new community for cat lovers!

Every cat lover has had that moment (probably several moments) when their cat does something that makes them smile from ear to ear. Perhaps it was a look your cat gave you, the way they played with a toy, or what they did when they saw a mirror for the very first time. These are the irresistible moments that make living with a cat such an amazing privilege. Meow Mix defines an irresistible moment in 4 ways:

  1. any time shared by a person and a cat that shows their unique relationship in action
  2. precise point in time when a person and cat are on the same page
  3. human/feline connection that you want to repeat and/or make better with treats
  4. you and your cat’s ‘thing‘”

Irresistible Moments with Cinco and Manna

It’s no secret that Cinco and Manna are sources of inspiration for me. Their silly antics and playful nature keep me smiling throughout the day. I’m often sharing irresistible moments with them on Playful Kitty’s social media accounts, in our Niptoons posts, and in our Sunday funny cat pictures.

Cinco’s Irresistible Moments
CInco in My Lap

Cinco purring in my lap.

Ever since the first day that I brought Cinco home he has loved being in my lap. He’s my chief lap warmer. This is a real bonding thing for Cinco and me. He has always been a very shy cat and the fact that he chooses to sit in my lap makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It shows me how much he trusts me.  He won’t even let anyone other than my husband, Dave, and I see him. Sometimes Cinco will choose to sit in my Dave’s lap, but that’s really just because my lap is not available at the time.

Cinco is in my lap all of the time – so long as we don’t have any company over. I can barely sit down or lay down before he shows up. Dave always jokes that Cinco is just another one of my appendages. Cinco helps me do my blogging almost every day. He’s in my lap right now as I’m typing this post. It can be difficult to type when he’s there, but I also love having him there. It’s a catch 22. Then again, having Cinco there does give me an excuse to make Dave run around and get things for me.

Cinco and his banana

Cinco and his banana.

Cinco loves to play, but he didn’t really have a toy that he claimed as his own until last year. I had seen these catnip bananas on other cat bloggers’ blogs and I decided to pick one up to see if my cats would like it. Cinco chose it right away! He loves to lick it, kick it, and throw it around. I’ve even caught him snuggling with it while he sleeps. It is very cute! Since Cinco is such a big kitty, this toy fits him very well. The size of the banana also makes it less attractive to Manna, which Cinco appreciates. I think he enjoys having a toy that is his.

Manna’s Irresistible Moments
Dave and Manna playing

Manna and Dave playing.

Cinco may have chosen me as his very favorite human, but Manna chose Dave as hers. They have a very cute bonding ritual. When Dave wants to play with Manna (which is frequent) he will simply sit on the floor. Manna always comes running when he does this. Then she will wrestle with his hand and give him all kinds of purrs. Manna even tucks Dave in every night when he goes to bed with a short “battle” and some nuzzling. It is adorable to watch.

Manna and the pipe cleaner

Manna being excited about her pipe cleaner.

Manna is a very fun cat to live with. She loves to play – with anything. Manna can make anything look like the most awesome toy ever. Her orange pipe cleaner is one of the toys that makes her most excited. It is a lot of fun to see her rolling around with it, bending it into all different shapes. She really shows that pipe cleaner who’s boss!

The faces that Manna makes when she plays are totally irresistible! Sometimes they are really fierce, other times they look like smiles. She can make really funny faces too (Cinco does this as well). It is pretty easy to see that Manna enjoys every moment in life.

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What is a memorable thing that your cat has done?