There is a lot of silliness in my home. I admit that I’m a part of it. I love to engage in interactive play with Cinco and Manna and watch them explore new things. There is nothing like seeing them get excited over a new toy! I love to see them jump and roll around. If I am patient enough, I’ve found that I can catch a lot of silly kitten action on camera. Those captured images are great for sharing and great memories of happy times.

One thing that I love to capture on camera are the silly faces that my Cinco and Manna make. They are very expressive! It is amazing how many different ways their faces can move. Manna made a few really funny faces for me this week. She takes her play time very seriously and she has the faces to match. Today’s funny cat picture was taken right after she had kicked an aluminum foil ball off of a platform on the cat tree. She loves it when I put the ball next to her so she can kick it off (I call it kitty golf). I couldn’t help but laugh at this face.

Silly Kitty Face - Manna

Manna: ” Oh, yeah, uh… four!”

Do your cats make funny faces?