Manna is a total diva. She loves to be the center of attention. When we have guests over, she walks right up to them and demands that they play with her. She will meow at them, pawย at them, and even wriggle herself under their hands. I’ve even seen her bring toys to guests and set them in their laps. There is nothing Manna loves more than to hear a guest say how cute and friendly she is. So far we’ve only ever had one guest that was afraid of her. That’s not too bad!

When I choose my funny cat picture of the week it is pretty common that one or both of the cats are sitting with me. They like to make sure I choose the right one. I was going to post a tongue-out photo of Manna this week because her daddy thought it was hilarious. Manna decided that the photo was not good enough to share. She thought it wasn’t very clear and it didn’t portray her true comical genius. I have to admit that she is a really funny girl. Her protest resulted in today’s funny cat picture. I think it shows her comic genius because she is able to blow a raspberry at herself!

Serioiusly You're Using That Picture - Manna

Manna: “Mommy, I demand you use a funnier photo. Hey! Is that me behind me? I am a genius after all.”

Do your cats ever take interest in what you are doing on the computer?